DJ Eugenius

For as long as I can remember, I've been obsessed with electronic music, from Pet Shop Boys to Parliament to Aphex Twin.

While I don't play out much these days, I still get the bug to hop on the ones and twos and lay down some heat. And once a month or so, I'll haul a crate of records over to State Park Bar on a Thursday night and play a "back to mine" sort of set from 10 to 2. Come through for the next one. And no, I don't take requests (I leave that to my 80's New Wave alter ego, pictured in the thumb).


Recorded on a hot summer afternoon, this deep house workout builds from pulsing ambient soundscapes to classic bangers. House music all night long! 


What started with the casual purchase of a Fela Kuti CD some years ago opened up a portal to a new world of irresistible rhythms from the continent of Africa. When it comes to Afrobeat, the deeper you dig, the more there is to discover.  This mix is by no means exhaustive, but covers the diversity of music from 60s innovators to current torchbearers of the sound. 


Heavy 80s vibes here with throwback set of electro, synthpop, industrial, Italo, punk, and disco jams. This one's mad fun. 


Recorded in the heyday of post-dubstep and bass, this mix is straight fire. Dope tune selection. Smooth transitions. Kinda outdid myself with this one.  Watch your bassbins!